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Our Research Services

We offer strategic research and informed counsel to clients world-wide. We believe all decisions should be based on solid information and an objective view of the relevant environment. We provide not only the sound foundation for decision-making, but also concrete recommendations and on-going counsel to shape decisions.


As highly skilled researchers, we can draw on an extensive list of tools to generate vital information, answer critical questions, solve problems, surface insights, and explain the underlying dynamics that drive marketplace behavior.


The research program, and the specific tools applied, depend entirely on your needs and objectives. Depending on the specific goals and the nature of the decisions that will be made based on the findings, we design an approach that most effectively meets these needs. This might entaiil the use of:

  • A single- or multi-stage program

  • Appropriate quantitative or qualitative methods

  • On-line, phone, mobile, or in-person data gathering methods

  • Sophisticated statistical analyses

  • Other data sources, either proprietary or public


We take special pride in the value of our deliverables that feature truly insightful learning presented in a way that focuses on the essential "story" that emerges from the data. As experienced consultants, we take a strategic rather than tactical perspective, providing a blue-print for decision-making and further action based on our learnings,  incorporating an assessment of the marketplace and your strengths and weaknesses vs. competitors.

Range of Research Services

Sector Specializations:

We carry out a wide range of research activities across all industry categories, using quantitative, qualitative, and hybrid methodologies, with particular emphasis on multi-country and B2B initiatives.


Research Services Include:

  • New product development

  • Concept testing

  • Corporate and product positioning

  • Market segmentation

  • Market opportunity assessment studies

  • Corporate reputation evaluations

  • Public policy studies

While we can manage research in any private or public sector, we have particular expertise in the following categories:

  • B2B products and services of all kinds

  • Financial services, including banking, insurance, and payment systems

  • Pharmaceutical and OTC healthcare products

  • Building supplies and equipment

  • High tech

  • Consumer products of all kinds

  • Food

  • Utilities

  • Non-profits, including professional associations

  • Government services

Special Research Offerings

The Customized Research Audit

Many companies sponsor extensive research activity, often including legacy studies that have been carried out for years. But how impactful, really, is your current research activity, how relevant to the current needs or strategy of the organization, and are you making the best use of limited funding?


We offer a rare service to our clients, a proprietary evaluation of the entire research activity to answer these questions objectively, with the aim of providing a set of recommendations to maximize the ROI of research investment.


To accomplish this, we work directly with marketing and research department heads, as well as other internal stakeholders who use and/or fund research. As outsiders, we can address these issues from a rational, cost-benefit perspective--not by challenging current practices, but helping to align expenditures with larger strategic objectives and the actual use being made of the findings.


For example, while tracking studies may be a valuable source of information, they may not need to be conducted as often, or as extensively, as they currently are.

Or efforts funded by different departments might be combined to avoid duplication.

We might also recommend investing in newer methodologies or sources of information that could meet the same objectives more effectively.


Audits are a relatively inexpensive way of maximizing the ROI of research spend and gain buy-in from the various corporate stakeholders, including the ever-vigilant finance department.

Extra Set(s) of Helping Hands

We are often called on to assist other research firms carry out their own projects, essentially by providing an extra set of hands.


Often this results from an agency's excessive work load, or their lack of experience in an area in which we are particularly proficient.


Typical services we provide on such an ad hoc basis include:

  • Overall project consulting

  • Proposal writing or editing

  • Data analysis

  • Report writing

  • Project management


Please don't hesitate to give us a call if you ever need some additional help.

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