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Non-Research Services

Public Relations Services

In addition to primary research services, we offer a wide range of public relations services especially geared to off-shore companies interested in entering the US market, and US companies seeking to expand overseas.


  • Specific PR services include:

  • Shaping overall communications strategy

  • Building brand identity

  • Writing that captures the corporate vision

  • Media placement that drives business

  • Trade show representation

  • Intelligence to protect reputation and cyber due dilligence

Editorial Services

Consilience also offers a wide range of writing and editorial services. In all cases we work closely with our clients to make sure we fully understand their objectives and produce materials that correspond to their individual style. These services include the following:

  • Writing articles, reports, brochures, speeches, and other types of printed and on-line materials

  • Editing draft reports, manuscripts, articles, and other types of printed and on-line materials

  • Revising or up-dating existing materials

  • Consulting with prospective authors

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