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Testimonials from Workshop Participants

On Insights Training:

Jeffrey Polevoy, Global Head of Customer Experience and Market Research, AIG;

Former Director of Intelligence & Planning, MasterCard


“The generation of Insights and the ability to convey these Insights in compelling ways are critical skills for today's market researchers.  Mr. John's interactive sessions are different from "traditional" sessions.  He draws examples and lessons from other disciplines in order to demonstrate relevancy for his techniques.  During the workshops, my colleagues and I at MasterCard applied these techniques to our live projects. This approach enabled us to have immediate, positive impact with our business partners.”

On Presentation/Storytelling Techniques:

Julia Cupman, VP, Director, B2B International (New York)


“Fred has many years' experience agency and client side, and so he understands the needs and challenges from both perspectives. The training he provided to B2B's New York staff was structured in a similar style as sessions he ran with MasterCard teams. This was insightful and engaging and the team found it to be very useful. All attendees enjoyed the training day and were motivated to implement what they had learned. Fred exceeded our expectations and it was a pleasure working with him.”

Diana Sonea, Qualitative Project Manager at ISRA Center Marketing Research (Rumania)


“I participated in the ESOMAR Vienna storytelling workshop and I definitely tried to implement the learnings acquired throughout the session. I mostly work in pharmaceutical market research. Totally unexpected, I used storytelling successfully in several research, even in rare/orphan diseases research which are more sensitive.  Every time we use storytelling techniques, it was a great success.


Paula Georg, Coordenadora da Projetos at Market Analysis, Florianópolis e Região, Brasil


“I participated in the ESOMAR Athens storytelling workshop and recently had an excellent experience using storytelling to present research results for a healthcare services provider. We had a history of the client falling asleep in the middle of previous presentations, but this year we were able to convince them to let us do things a bit differently.


We started presenting an ideal scenario where we had the client company as the "protagonist" of a story, and the health problem as the "antagonist." In this scenario, our client was supposed to be the protagonist’s best friend, helping him to overcome the problem.  In the next slide, we showed that the research results indicated a scenario that was quite different.  This was slide 2 of the presentation, and I can assure you that I had a lot of attention and curiosity from the audience right there!


We did the presentation twice, first for the managers and later for a larger team. At the end of the presentation, many people came to congratulate us on the study and, better than that, they said they were looking forward to the next research studies with our team!”

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Storytelling Examples by C. Frederic John

Applied Storytelling: 
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Applied Storytelling: 

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Reviews of Fred's MRII/University of Georgia On-Line Course on "Communicating Research Results

You can read reviews from students who took Fred's course on "Communicating Research Results by following this link:

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